- - MISSION STATEMENT - - "Using music education to reduce violence in our community."



Showers of Blessings

Our PMMC Music Program is so happy to welcome into our musical family two, Mr. James A. Ballard, Jr. and Ms. Deborah Clark, who unselfishly chose to sponsor students of our music program. These…Continue

Started by Phila Multicultural Music Center Jun 19, 2018.

Beulah Baptist Christian Day School

PMMC is delighted and honored to be chosen as the newest administrator of the music program for the Beulah Baptist Christian Day School at 50th & Spruce Sts in West Philadelphia. We recently…Continue

Started by Phila Multicultural Music Center Oct 31, 2014.

Pathetic 1 Reply

Good morning, America. How are you today? When will we ever stop looking at ourselves as Black America or White America or any other America for that matter? We find that the "blame game" serves…Continue

Started by Stanley Davis. Last reply by David Kraus Feb 17, 2014.

Tri-County Concerts Association

Tri-County Concerts Association organizes one of the area's most prestigious competitions for aspiring young musicians living in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties in Southeastern…Continue

Started by Stanley Davis Jan 30, 2013.


Philadelphia Multicultural Music Center for Non-Violence


Join us as we study music and music theory weekly online. Our Virtual classroom is re-opening what COVID-19 pandemic shut down. We're providing a comprehensive curriculum in an entertaining environment. The class is FREE to all. Use the Zoom ID# and Password listed below to log on. Tell a friend.

ZOOM ID#: 442 133 8529


Proud Recipient of the 2015 "Best of Philadelphia" Award for a Non-Profit Organization


The Philadelphia Multicultural Music Center for Non-Violence (PMMC) is a 501(c)(3), faith-based, non-profit organization designed to provide structured lessons and guidance to low-income, inner city, school age children. We are committed to our mission to reduce violence in the community and raise awareness of the need for more public and private-sector involvement in curbing the escalating violence in the streets of Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Founded by Executive Director Stanley W. Davis, Sr., PMMC compliments our city's effort to rid the streets of illegal handguns and hinder would-be criminal activity. By embracing school age children and introducing structured music into their lives, we can help them redirect and refocus some of the negative influences of society. We teach music, but moreover, we teach bible-based social interaction and citizenship. Give us an opportunity to show what our kids can do when properly motivated; we believe you'll be pleasantly surprised. Please read our Racially Non-Discriminatory Policy.

Our rate is only $25 per half-hour classroom lesson. That's about half of what other music programs charge. And families that qualify as low-income, in many cases may pay as little as $2.50 per half-hour classroom lesson. Please review our Low Income Eligibility Requirements. Classes are enrolling now and starting soon. Please e-mail your questions or give us a call today so we can enroll your child.

Read testimonials from other PMMC parents.

An Update from us on the CORONA VIRUS

While we are very much still in the thick of our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as simultaneously waging war against social injustice and the racial divide in the aftermath of yet another senseless murder of an unarmed black man, we are excited to transition our music program from its 'red' phase of complete virtual music lessons taught from home via the Zoom.com app to the 'yellow' phase which includes the option for families who desire to return to the comfort of one-on-one lessons with the music instructor.
Effective immediately, fully vaccinated students (with documentation) will have the option of coming back to the classroom for private music lessons or continuing virtual lessons from the comfort of their homes. In this 'yellow' phase we will continue to practice Social Distancing by limiting the number of people gathered in our classroom to five (5) or less. The truth is, our capacity will probably be two to three people at a time including the music instructor. We will stall the entrance of our next students until current students have had the opportunity to exit the premises. Our sanitation practices will include sterilizing all musical equipment after each use in preparation for the next student.
We look forward to the day when we can return to a full 'green' phase where everybody can interact freely. But until such a time, we will take heed and govern ourselves according to the guidelines of the 'yellow' phase.
Meanwhile, let's continue to pray for one another's well being. Stay safe, using common sense in your daily sanitation practices. Blessings2u and your household throughout all of this.

2019 LOLF Community Award Recipient

On June 25, 2019 our PMMC Music Program was recognized by the Legacy of Love Foundation, Inc. as a 'deserving non-profit organization' and awarded a $2,500 endowment to offset the cost of educating our students. The Legacy of Love Foundation, Inc. funds academic scholarships and encourages community leadership in education, economic empowerment, health and the arts.Thank you for your assistance in our mission.



- Sunday, Feb. 16 @ 11:00am; 3rd SUNDAY Service at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Angelic Voices, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, Mar. 1 @ 11:00am; 1st SUNDAY Service at Bryant Bapt Church, 1140 S. 19th St. Phila., PA w/Combined Choirs, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, Mar. 15 @ 11:00am; 3rd SUNDAY Service at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Angelic Voices, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, Mar. 29 @ 11:00am; 5th Sunday Service at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Combined Choirs, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, Apr. 5 @ 11:00am; 1st Sunday Service at Bryant Bapt Church, 1140 S. 19th St. Phila., PA w/Combined Choirs, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, Apr. 19 @ 11:00am; 3rd SUNDAY Service at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Angelic Voices, Stan Davis, Musician

- Sunday, May 3 @ 11:00am; 1st Sunday Service at Bryant Bapt Church, 1140 S. 19th St. Phila., PA w/Combined Choirs, Stan Davis, Musician

- Saturday, May 16 @ 1:00pm; PMMC/SDM SPRING RECITAL at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Performances by the Student Body

- Sunday, May 17 @ 11:00am; 3rd SUNDAY Service at Bibleway FWB Church, 1201 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Phila., PA w/Angelic Voices, Stan Davis, Musician

Click here. Need an application? Click here.


Student: What's the real difference between musicians and non-musicians?
Teacher: Musicians don't consider 'practicing' a chore.

The Philadelphia Multicultural Music Center for Non-Violence (PMMC) is a faith-based, 501c3, non-profit music program that's using music education to reduce violence in the community.
Note: Musicians' mindsets that I know think more of making money than donating it. However, it is so crucial to our very existence that we impress upon the importance of 'community'.
In retrospect, think back on the countless times that people from your 'village' invested into your young life. Then look ahead and consider the possibility of what will happen if we don't invest in our youth as was done for us.
The potential results are staggering.Yes, we are their 'village'. Your donation is tax-deductible. Why donate $10 of your own money when you can donate $99 of the government's. That's how much it costs to sponsor a new student for a full 8 weeks of music lessons. You can be a lifeline in some kid's life.

Make a donation. Make a difference.
You'll feel really good about yourself. It's a good cause.

"I'll donate by writing a check" -> OR <- "I'll send my donation via PayPal"


Want to help? Donate a used musical instrument. Want to help?

PMMC Services

Singing Lessons - Piano - Organ - Keyboards
Acoustic Guitar - Electric Guitar - Electric Bass - Acoustic Bass
Violin - Viola - Cello - Bells
Trumpet - Saxophone - Trombone - Flute
Clarinet - Recorder - Glockenspiel
Drums - Percussion and more!

PMMC Volunteer Staff

Each PMMC staff member who works directly with children is screened, certified and must pass both a Pennsylvania State Child Abuse Clearance as well as a thorough criminal background check.


If you play a musical instrument and can read music (even somewhat). If basic music theory is not a scary thing to you. If you can remember what it was like when you were first learning your stuff. The excitement and sheer joy.

Then PMMC Music Program wants to speak to you about making a difference in the lives of young area musicians-in-training. There is no greater reward than knowing you made a contribution to the character development of a young child.

PMMC is looking for volunteers that genuinely care about the future of our young people.If you feel this is your calling, give us a call. Or maybe you know of someone you feel would be perfect for this type of volunteer work. Feel free to tell others about the good work that PMMC Music Program is doing in the community.

Look for the "Contact Us" information on the right side of this screen. Call or e-mail us for more info. Thank you.


The following comments were taken from written testimonials submitted by PMMC parents.

"My son enjoys the program greatly. The instructor is very patient with the children. You can tell he enjoys music and music instruction. I look forward to my son continuing his lessons."
Ms. Kellie Q.

"The PMMC Music Program was very impressive. My daughter was quickly able to adapt.The teacher was very good with instructing the children and keeping them attentive to the lesson."

Mrs. Cecelia W.

"The PMMC Music Program has been a blessing to our family. Each session starts with theory, followed by an easy transition into the lesson plan. We are extremely satisfied with our daughter's music teacher. We highly recommend the PMMC Music Program as a source for musical instruction and training."
Roosevelt & Carol G.

"I think the PMMC Music Program is AWESOME!!! I love the teacher's energy and approach. The students have so much fun during class. I am very happy I found out about this program."
Vena T.

"I think the PMMC music program is a good learning experience to get children interested in playing an instrument. The cost is reasonable, the instruction is organized and understandable even for the younger children. The interaction when teaching is fun for children and keeps them interested in learning. The instructor always encourages and keeps a positive attitude about what they do." Donna T.

"My daughter enjoys her piano lessons. We both like the instructor's style of teaching." Millen G.

"Our experience with this music class has been FANTASTIC! My daughter's eagerness to learn more about music and piano has grown, expanded. The instructor creates an atmosphere of joy & facilitates an excitement for learning. His love for music...radiates." Paula McE.

"As a parent of a ten year old, legally blind youngster, I am...overwhelmed at the lessons given by PMMC. In observing the lessons from week to week it's fun, funny, serious, challenging and thorough. I'm thankful for these music classes. It has given my child a new communicative skill. She has also calmed down more in other negative ways (bullying). She is now concentrating with purpose".    Lydia S.

"I am pleased with the musical growth demonstrated by my six year old son.  PMMC has excellent teachers." Angela M.

Blog Posts


Virtual re-broadcast of this year's Spring Recital had a good turnout and was well received. Another opportunity for our students to gain experience playing before a live audience. Excitement was all up in the air. Our students impressed the audience, not only by playing their instruments but by…


Posted by Phila Multicultural Music Center on June 13, 2021 at 10:31am

Leslie Bullock Memorial Fund

Mr. Leslie Allen Bullock joined The Stan Davis Music School in June of 2019. He studied the piano, taking private lessons twice a week. He also worked as PMMC's resident photographer. Mr. Bullock's close friend, Natasha Dye introduced him to our music program and got him enrolled. Mr. Bullock was a regular attendee and active participant in our Thursday Virtual Music Classes via Zoom. He passed away suddenly on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020.
Leslie Bullock, your wit and wisdom will be…

Posted by Phila Multicultural Music Center on January 4, 2021 at 11:45am

We Regret to Inform You...

We are astounded and saddened to announce the passing of our own, Mr. Leslie Bullock which occurred Friday, Dec. 18, 2020.
Mr Bullock was a piano student and an active…

Posted by Phila Multicultural Music Center on December 22, 2020 at 9:41am


We are truly saddened by the onset of national social unrest due to strained race relations in the aftermath of, yet another senseless murder of an unarmed person of color. The Philadelphia Multicultural Music Center for Non-Violence stands firmly in solidarity with our Black community. We loudly cry out that “Black Lives Indeed Matter”. To be silent on this issue is to take sides with those who disagree that there is a problem with the systematic oppression of black people in this…


Posted by Phila Multicultural Music Center on June 10, 2020 at 6:36pm



By Phone: 215.514.6220
By Email: committeeman50@yahoo.com

We are located in beautiful East Mt. Airy at:

941 E. Durard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19150

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